Gonzo Cream Gonzo Cream
Gonzo Cream from $68.00 $90.00
Discover the Art of Relief with Gonzo Cream.With its pharmaceutical-grade blend, unmatched numbing prowess without compromising the skin's natural texture. Calming effects while actively promoting its healing journey and warding off any unwanted itching.Perfectly complementing the needs of tattoo enthusiasts, micro-blading artists, and those venturing into laser treatments. This cream boasts a formulation enriched with 100% North American ingredients. Rediscover comfort, redefined.  
Gonzo Polar Spray Gonzo Polar Spray
Gonzo Polar Spray $30.00
Gonzo Polar Spray is designed to work in perfect harmony with Gonzo Numbing Cream for prolonged numbing effect. Sit longer, get more done. Crafted with precision and care, and 100% North American ingredients. This duo is your key to unlocking a pain-free, comfortable, and sterile tattooing sessions